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Academic Area Forms

Nomination & Identification Forms

Assessment Letters

  • Results Letter for Parents - Here is a sample letter to send home to parents to inform them of testing and identification results. The first letter is for students identified gifted, the second is for high potential, and the third is for universal learners requiring no additional special services. (Spanish) (Nepali)

Advanced Learning Plan Supports

  • Parent & Student Input Surveys - Send this home for parents and students to complete before the ALP meeting to help inform the programming and goals set in the ALP. (Spanish )
  • ALP Classroom Teacher Goal Setting - Give this to classroom teachers before the ALP meeting so they can brainstorm goals and come prepared to the meeting.
  • ALP Template for Infinite Campus - This template will help you create the ALP with many programming and social-emotional options to help guide your planning.
  • Writing an ALP Help Sheet- Pictures and text will walk you through step-by-step to help you complete an outstanding ALP.
  • ALP Cover Letter- Use this letter when sending ALP draft home to parents to help them understand the document. (Spanish) (Nepali)
  • Student ALP Proposal- This is a form to help students identify their own goals for their ALP by getting support from a teacher contact and parent(s)/guardian(s).