Division of Equity in Learning

Message from the CAO

Chief Academic Officer

Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer

Every student shapes a successful future.

The Division of Equity in Learning focuses on four main areas:

  • Alignment of Priority Standards
      • The engagement of equitable practices that, commit to the delivery of standards -aligned grade level content and instruction for ALL students.
  • .Alignment of a district Assessment calendar
      • The engagement of clear reteach practices and data driven instruction cycles.
  • The alignment of an assessment platform that supports the engagement of effective structures to monitor achievement trends and promote collaboration between ALL teams.
  • Aligned professional learning and development that supports all focus areas.
        • The engagement in and commitment to offering learning plans that build school level capacities and support a development trajectory of school leaders and teachers.

Division of Equity In Learning Purpose Statement

We are Aurora Public Schools. We are a community of cultivators, creators, and inspirational leaders who believe in the power of the collective genius. TOGETHER we generate powerful and equitable learning outcomes for ALL. This is no ordinary district.