Standard 5/6/7 Materials

State Requirements for Standard 5 (Teacher Rubric), Standard 6 Specialized Service Professionals (SSPs), and Standard 7 Principals & Assistant Principals

The Colorado Great Teacher and Leaders Act (SB 10-191) SB 10-191 requires that 50% of an educator’s evaluation be based on educator impact on student learning/outcomes in relation to the Colorado Academic Standards/educator's job role and responsibilities.

TEACHERS: The basic requirements in the State Board of Education Rules for Teachers (including TOSAs):

  1. Individual Attribution- at least one measure of student learning (growth) singularly attributable to an individual teacher.
  2. Collective Attribution- at least one measure of student learning (growth) attributed to more than one teacher.
  3. Statewide Summative Assessments Results when available.
  4. Results from the Colorado Growth Model, when available.

SPECIALIZED SERVICE PROFESSIONALS: The requirements for Specialized Services Professionals (SSPs) include:

  1. Multiple Measures- more than one measure attributable to an SSP.
  2. Student Outcome Measures- at least two measures of student outcomes attributed to an SSP. CDE has developed some suggested measures of student outcomes for SSPs.

PRINCIPALS & ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS: The requirements for Principals & APs include:

  1. School Performance Framework- Statewide summative assessment results and results from the Colorado Growth model, when available
  2. Measure of Student Academic Growth- consistent with the measures of student learning used in the evaluation of teachers.