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Aurora Public Schools students have the opportunity to demonstrate their achievement of Essential Skills in traditional academic settings, but also in their communities and job experiences. Digital Badges help students tell a story about what they know and what they can do.

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Interested in learning more about how badges encourage learners? Read this article published in Training to learn more. CEO of Credly (our badging platform) Jonathan Finklestein, “by mapping a clear pathway for students, members, and employees to understand where they have been and where they are headed on their lifelong learning journey. Badges enable learners to better articulate what it is they are learning by providing precise information—in the form of badge metadata— related to the skill demonstrated or knowledge acquired. In doing so, digital badges empower individuals with language to better advocate for themselves.”

How do essential skills predict success in life? Reach this Pairin article to learn more!

Education Week: APS Students Earn Digital Credentials for Adding New Skills

At the 40,000-student Aurora district, the digital badging program arose from within its College and Career Success Department as a way to make students aware of skill that businesses want from employees, while staying rooted in the Colorado Academic Standards.

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District Administration Magazine: Digital Badge Breakthroughs in APS

Aurora Public Schools, another early leader, gives out shareable, open badges endorsed by local businesses and other community partners. When one of its 40,000 students earns a Summit Badge, they unlock an opportunity to have an experience with a local business.

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