Swimming sports

mt spa Swimming Sports

Thursday 21st March

Opunake Swimming Pools

First Race @ 10am


Girls to compete first followed by the boys. Races are in order of age starting with the 8 year olds.

  • 25m Freestyle
  • 25m Breaststroke (Breastroke rules will be followed)
  • Relay Heats (4 best swimmers to compete)
  • 25m Backstroke
  • 25m Butterfly
  • Medley Race (25m backstroke, 25m freestyle)
  • Relay Final
  • Cup Presentation


Peyton T, Kate M, Sophie B, Maddi G, Mason R, Will H, Jack M, Taylah G, Mikayla S, Harriet M, Sophie O, Quinn F, Tudur E, Ben M, Connor F, Nadith R, Ashley H, Brydie K, Isabella H, McKenna N, Zoey R, Paige T, Mina D, Cory S, Te Rau W, Harry R, Jackson R, Jonte E, Georgie O, Jake LF, Alicia H, Mia M, Harlem S, Bailey F, Amelia O

Auroa School Swimming Sports

13th March 2019 @ Stratford Pool

If you are taking your child straight to swimming sports at Stratford, can you make sure to contact the school prior.

We aim to start races at 10:45am, and expect the event to last around three hours in total.

When entering events, please choose either the Main pool events (lengths) OR the Junior/Middle pool events (widths).

Main Pool

For races in the Main Pool, times are taken for each heat. The fastest three from each heat will represent the school at the Mt Spa Swimming Sports. In some cases we may take four swimmers for an event if the times are extremely close between third and fourth to take into account possible differences between the stopwatch time.

There are no finals.

Junior/Middle Pool

Rods are given out to first, second, and third placings (dependent on parent availability), and whanau tokens are given to rest of swimmers.

Swimming Sports 2019 - Provisional Lists: These are the individual races as indicated by online entering. If there are adjustments that need to be made please notify Mr Webb (mwebb@auroa.school.nz)