soccer tournament 2018

wednesday 14th november

Victoria Park, Kaponga

DRAWS - First round of games for the day will kick off at approx 10.00am. Draws will be published Monday, 12 November.

LOCATION - Year 7-8 are playing at Alemein Park and all other year groups are at Victoria Park.

RULES - Games will be played according to normal league rules for each age group, and rule details will be published with draws.

GEAR - Children will play in sneakers (no sprigs) and shin pads are optional.

BACK-UP DAY - Postponement notice will be sent to all school contact persons by 8:30am if tournament is postponed due to poor weather. Back-up day is Friday, 16 November.


YR 7/8

Team 1: Ashton S, Jackson R, Aroha T, Jordan H, Ashley H, Jorja S, Katelyn S, Caro O, Peter G, Harry R, Caris B, Quade E

Team 2: Yasiru S, Koen W, Catherine H, Mcallum K, Mina D, Beth C, Charlotte M, Ebony K, Jonte E, Jayden F, Grace Fo, Harry G, Charlie R

YR 5/6

Condors: Jayda S, Harriet M, Jayden P, Nadith R, Tessa C, Hannah B, Joshua C, Fraser S, Quinn F, Georgie O, Ivanah E, Amelia O

Cuttle Fish: Zoe R, Wilson C, Regan K, Hayley Shanks, Bailey F, Lucas S, Caitlin H, Ashton H, Leighton S, Connor F, Lauren K, Harlem S, Alicia H

Yr 3/4

Team 1: Jude, Jack M, James, Jaydee, Finn, Riley, Ava, Lochie K, Daniel, Mason

Team 2: Hedd, Caleb M, Aidan, Nikarhn, Brayden, Lochie M, Kearah, Shakyrah, Jack C, Mario