New Entrant enrolment changes

How the model works:

We are starting school next year on Monday 29th January. The Ministry have allowed schools to adopt a model where:

  • all new entrants born before the mid-point of each term can start at the beginning of the term, or at the start of a later term before their 6th birthday.
  • If their birthday falls in the second half of the term, they can enrol on the first day of the following term, or the start of a later term before their 6th birthday.

This will mean that we will only have four dates during the year where new entrants start in the classroom (currently, the classroom can have any number of students starting school throughout the term), and students won't be starting school one their birthdate, but the first day of term closest to their birth date.

There are some large benefits to our new entrants classroom with this system:

  • We can then do a major induction for new students at the beginning of each term.
  • There will be less disruption during the term for the classroom through new students starting (it means that there is always some form of induction taking place)
  • All new students get a good introduction to the classroom when they start. This will give students a better start to their school time, as it is more difficult to run an induction mid term.

Part of this process involves community consultation, where the short survey on this page has been sent out to our school community via text.

If you have any further questions please get in contact with me.

Your feedback is required, and essential, so please let us know your thoughts on this change.