Cross Country

Mt Spa Cross Country - Manaia Domain

Thursday, 13th September 2018. First race starts at 11am approximately.

Leaving school at 10:30am - transport required

Below is our cross country team for Mt Spa. Note there is no backup day, and the event will be run regardless of weather.

Note that we use the top five placings in the school cross country as a guideline for selection for this team. We have taken note of not only placings in our school cross country, but also considered distance between the 5th, 6th, and sometimes 7th and 8th placings. We also have included some 8yr old students in the 9 and under races.

We also take into account how students have been practising during school. This means if they have been working hard on their running during the term so they can run the required distance in a reasonable time, and are unavailable for the school cross country, they will still have an opportunity to run in the Mt Spa event.

As a result, for some races we will take more than five runners. Our aim is to give students who are capable runners an opportunity to represent the school in the Mt Spa cross country, and possibly the Taranaki Cross Country.

I am aware that there are times where students may make a cross country team, but do not wish to run in higher levels of competition. If you wish to discuss this with me, or any other issue, call into the school at any time.

Of those who compete at the Mt Spa, we will be selecting teams of 6 when possible for the Taranaki Cross Country for each age group (6 boys and 6 girls).

2018 Mt Spa Cross Country Team