Slink Calf Run

Slink Calf Collection

Calves for collection will be left at tanker track entrance near the RED FLAG, calves down tanker track will be indicated on map.

Lions have requested that we do not pick up calves that have been damaged by dogs, mutilated or smelly, no hairless calves. As these contaminate the whole bin and then the Lions don't get paid. Also make sure the calves are DEAD.


Collection may commence after 10.00am.

The slink calves are to be left at the Kaupokonui metal dump [westside of the bridge] no later than 2.00pm.

MAF Tally Sheet

Record calf numbers alongside the Fonterra number on the MAF tally sheet provided in the blue folder. If you are collecting on the 4th day when the MAF sheet is full, out it in the letterbox at the bins.

Receipt Book

  • Please fill in numbers of calves. Put 2 copies from receipt book in the letterbox at the bins [Lions copy and Office copy]. if there are no slink calves to be collected on your day, please fill out the receipt book indicating this. So we can prove collection was done that day.

  • Please deliver the receipt book and the red folder to the next person on the list. If you allocated day does not suit please swap with another person.

This is a really good fundraiser for our school, and we appreciate your help.

THANK YOU - Any queries please phone Graeme on 027 284 8943 or the school on 06 274 5629