Our Auroa School values are:


Encouraging Independence





Trust and Honesty

As a school we believe:

· These values are not only school based but are also transferable to the wider community allowing our students to become active contributors

· That the provision of visual cues and a system for reinforcing the values will encourage and enhance the ethos of the school

· That values may also be interpreted as rights: all members of the learning community have the right to be treated with caring.

· In promoting self-belief, valuing cultural diversity, accepting differences and celebrating success.

How Auroa School encourages, models and explores these values:

· Video clips to demonstrate and inspire thinking about it.

· Focus at assembly

· Class rules based around values

· Pukeko will be on signs, on walls etc. to promote values.

· Piri’s pick for instead of Gotcha’s—values –specify which one and why

· Skits and role plays—puppet plays—to demonstrate value—each class to take a turn

· Unit plans make reference to values

Values in the NZC at Auroa School
Values and Beliefs
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