A Provisionally Registered teacher has completed their training and is in their first (PRT1) or second (PRT2) year teaching.

  • A high quality advice and guidance programme will be provided for all Provisionally Registered teachers.
  • A tutor teacher will be appointed for all PRT 1s and a mentor teacher for PRT2s
  • Each fulltime PRT1 attracts .2 (the equivalent of 11 day a week in staffing).
  • This is used to release both the PRT1 and the tutor teacher so they can undertake the advice and guidance programme.
  • An advice and guidance programme includes:
    • Regular meetings
    • Classroom observations
    • Written notes and feedback
    • Professional development
    • Observing other teachers in action
    • Demonstration lessons

This is planned each term.

On successful completion of 2 years teaching, the PRT is recommended for full registration.

Failure to meet expectation will result in teacher competency procedure being initiated.

What is the role of your tutor teacher?

The support and guidance programme for year One Provisionally Registered Teachers aims to develop competent, effective classroom teachers.

A tutor teacher will provide advice and guidance that will include:

  • Developing effective teaching techniques and pupil management skills
  • Classroom organisation and management
  • Planning and preparation of classroom programmes of work
  • Curriculum development and delivery
  • Student progress – developing strategies to cater for the needs of all students
  • Professional Development Plan
  • Evaluation and assessment techniques
  • Development of professional qualities
  • Involvement in selected curriculum resource teams
  • Record keeping and monitoring
  • Reporting to parents
  • Effective use of resources
  • Participation in the corporate life of the school

A tutor teacher will:

  • Keep detailed notes regarding all aspects of the advice and guidance programme.
  • Meet once a week with the Year one teacher. Notes of this meeting should be uploaded to tumblr
  • Complete classroom observations at least three times per term. Notes from observations at least three times per term. All notes are to be written on the tumblr account and the principal will view these online
  • Participate in the provisionally registered teacher’s appraisal
  • At the end of the term, the tutor teacher will complete a written review of the teachers practice under the following headings
  1. Professional Qualities
  2. Relationship with Children
  3. Classroom Management
  4. Planning Preparation and Records
  5. Other