This page outlines the process for the professional learning process at Auroa School. We have developed a three stage approach to professional growth and compliance within the school context. A variety of medium is also used to capture evidence of high quality teaching.


  1. This process occurs once per year. The school has developed a system to measure its teaching staff against the Registered Teachers Criteria and also the Professional Standards and Tataiako. During this process the teachers is matched against the following criteria
  2. Goals are set at the beginning of the year and used to form the focus for teacher inquiry for the year. A review of teachers' goals are set at the middle of the year, where additional goals may be created as a result of learning throughout the year.

Matrix of RTC, Professional Standards and Tataiako

Teachers are required to keep a PTC blog or site where they include aspects of their teaching that meets the needs of the PTC's. During the year the principal will come into your classroom at any point focusing on the PTC’s, and have discussions with the teacher to complete the attestation. If teachers are found to have not met the criteria then a support and guidance programme will immediately be put into place. Click on this link for more information.


  1. Throughout the year a teacher can expect to have up to 3 observations that focus on numeracy and literacy. The purpose of this process is to give teachers direct feedback and feedforward about improving the quality of their teaching across the three disciplines. The appraiser is not always necessarily the principal. He/She may delegate a team leader, senior management or a teacher with proven strengths in this area. You can expect to receive through this process
  • Feedback against Reading, Writing and Maths (This is based on observations from the classroom completing set tasks, interviewing students, looking at student books or drive, classroom displays, looking at teacher planning)
  • Video Analysis either recorded on analysis sheet (This part must be taking a shared or guided session)
  • Reflective questions to probe decision making and provide an opportunity for reflective dialogue

At the conclusion of this process a report will be written into the sheets file and inserted into your teacher corner on google site


  • Agree on focus for lesson based on learning area curriculum expectations. Complete form and record goals.
  • Video of lesson, classroom environment and discussion with students.
  • Video to be downloaded into teacher google drive. Teacher in own time to review with the intention of discussing key aspects of….
    1. What they see?
    2. What they might have added/changed?
    3. To be recorded in teacher reflections (red).
  • Appraiser to view multiple times and absorb what is seen, what they are hearing, what could add value. Begin to log responses in relation to the two goals previously discussed, or key points in the black section of the recording sheet
  • Teacher and Appraiser to meet to view video together. Teacher to give a commentary of what they are doing, why they are doing it and any key aspects that they note (Proud of, or would change).
  • Appraiser to work through questioning framework. Record responses in discussion points/teacher reflections.
  • Appraiser to make links to video log and view this with the teacher. Focus on effective pedagogy outlined in curriculum documents, and also areas of development.
  • Appraiser to then discuss any relevant information that comes from the Green or Blue sections of the coaching process


Observation (1).docx
Video Analysis


  1. Auroa School is dedicated to the development of its teachers through refining their practice to meet the needs of their students. Throughout the year teachers will be required to undergo the following process.
  • Choose a group of children from either a the charter targets, a particular group with need, or an area for development within the school (Annual Aim).
  • Teachers will then be required to create a School Site with the following headings
    • Introduction
    • Plan
    • Research
    • Evidence
    • Reflections
    • Findings
  • During the year, at some team meetings staff will be expected to present their action plan to their team and the team to ask the staff a series of reflective questions about the implementation and progress of their plan.
  • Staff will write reflections either on paper or recorded on TAI site. A minimum of 3 reflections should take place each term.
    • The reflections that are recorded should be under the following headings
      • What actions have I taken?
      • What impact am I seeing with my learners?
      • How do I know? What evidence do I have to share?
      • What is working? What is not?
  • Data and evidence should be gathered throughout the whole year using a variety of mediums such as text, video, sound to show progress.
  • Each term an outside provider may come and monitor the progress. This may take the form as a conference or may be video conferencing
  • All new learning and readings reflections should be recorded in the research page.
    • When completing a new reading, a reflection needs to be recorded. Headings for reflections include...
      • What key issues emerge from this reading?
      • How do the writer's views match with my own experience/beliefs?
      • How does the reading challenge practice about my teaching?
      • How will I use the ideas in this reading?
      • When will this happen (Link to planning)
  • At the end of the year, staff are expected to present their learnings to the whole staff/BOT/community using a variety of visual mediums.
  • At the conclusion of the learning that has happened, recommendations will be made from the teacher to senior management as to whether the new learning or programme has merit and maybe considered as a target or annual aim in the following years charter. The presentation to the BOT provides an opportunity for that staff member to "sell" their idea or concept with reflective evidence based practice that this could be a new way forward for the school.

- The Teacher as Inquiry planning template

- Reflective Questions

TAI sites


Staff are responsible for gathering evidence across all areas of the professional standards/RTC and provides links or statements in the evidence section from their attestation. To pass the final part of the attestation a collection of information across all areas is to be required. Clear links, or a folder gathering information can be used. Once this is completed then teachers will meet all requirements.