Core Curriculum

School Curriculum Areas

Curriculum Implementation Overview

The curriculum at Auroa School has been developed to enable our students to be well balanced young people who are confident, creative, adaptable and willing contributors to their community (in this instance school community)

The priority for our curriculum implementation is the development of the foundation skills of literacy and numeracy, underpinned by the Key Competencies as out-lined in the New Zealand curriculum to enable our students to:

“live, learn, work and contribute as active members of their community” (NSZ p 12)

We explicitly teach literacy and numeracy skills, develop learning intentions and co-construct, with students, success criteria across all areas of the curriculum. Thhe Key Competencies are developed across all learning areas and are used in combination to research, report and take action in the context of Social Studies, Health, the Arts, Science and Technology by creating powerful, authentic learning contexts for students through our integrated inquiry based curriculum using the schools inquiry learning model. Through this approach we will teach and scaffold the skills necessary for critical literacy. This is enhanced by the use of ICT to support learning and the exploration of E-learning opportunities to explore new and different ways of learning.