Self Review


Auroa School has a strongly believe that regular review of the many processes that occurs within a school will assist in developing the capability of the teaching staff, focus of the board and ultimately lead to an improvement in student achievement. We acknowledge that there are 3 main types of review that occurs within the Auroa School environment

Examples of these forms of review can be illustrated as

- Strategic review - A clear example of this is the school charter. Time is spent gathering data and other information to make strategic decisions and long term plans for the development of the school

- Regular self review - An example of this is where as a staff we may review the delivery of a particular programme of the school at the end of the year based upon achievement data recieved

- Emergent review - An example of this can be seen with our teacher inquiries. Quick reviews of teaching practices occurs to meet the moving requirements for students in the class.

As a school it is most desirable to review strategically and regularly when possible.


As a school we gather information or data to assist us in making informed decisions within the school. There are 3 levels to which this data can be analysed

The first level: the school gathers raw or aggregated data – hard (quantitative/numerical) and soft (qualitative/narrative). This shows “what is” or “what is happening.”

The second level: data are turned into information which is analysed to give meaning to the raw data allowing schools to make statements or comparisons.

The third level: the information is used as evidence to support judgements (how well/ to what extent), to make decisions (if this is so, then we need to ...) and to determine priorities (the most compelling need is ...).

This is the linchpin in establishing a continuous cycle of school and curriculum improvement.


The following diagram clearly illustrates how self review functions within the Auroa School context.

At Auroa school we look at 3 levels of review

- Review through Governance

- Review through Management

- Review through teaching and learning

The school board, management team, staff, students and community all work together review practices within the school. All of the review takes places interwinds with other sections of the school. All of the review is targeted at improving learning outcomes for students at Auroa School.

Self Review Timeline 2017
Auroa Board Model of Self Review