Before you go ahead with any type of event, you must think about ensuring that proper notification takes place. Teachers are expected to fill in the form below before they will get any approval for a trip or any school event

1. Day trip

  • All parents need to be informed of trip through newsletter or text. No permission slips are required. Fill out the online EOTC form and hyperlink the SAP form to it.

Overnight Process

  • Event Proposal
  • Details of Outside Provider
  • Event Approval
  • Camp Information for Parents (this is a gudiing document for you to create a letter. Make sure you cover its contents
  • Parental Consent
  • Auroa Staff/Volunteer Information
  • Volunteers/Helpers form
  • Health Profiles (both students and parents who are coming are required to fill in)
  • Health Form Summary/Medication Administered
  • RAMS form (These need to be presented at the board approval phase)
  • Incident Form
  • Student Contract

A Copy of all the forms are below. Download these and edit them for the trip that you are attending. These must be presented the to the school BOT previous to attending any overnight trip.


On all trips all parents are required to hold full drivers licence, registration and WOF. All children who are transported are required to have a safety belt on. Any child under 7 years of age must be properly restrained by an approved child restraint that is appropriate for the age and size of the child. They must not travel in the car if you can't put them in an approved child restraint. The vehicle's safety belt on its own is not an approved child restraint.

All completed forms are required to be printed and signed by a senior teacher. Then filed in the EOTC forms folder in the curriculum-completed EOTC.

Every party must have a fully registered teacher and a person carrying a first aid certificate. For any other details click on this link to view schools policy and procedures about EOTC