Retention of a student in a specific grade is a serious matter. Thorough individual consideration must be given to every student recommended for retention by a teacher. A detailed district policy has been adopted by the Audubon Board of Education concerning retention. The following components are included in the policy for retention:

      1. Teacher Recommendation
      2. Child Study Team recommendations, when appropriate. Any child who has been previously retained will automatically be scheduled for a Child Study Team evaluation if one previously had not been done.
      3. Academic Progress - Based on curriculum objectives.
      4. Chronological Age/Emotional Age
      5. Test Information
      6. Report Card Information
      7. Attendance
      8. Parents will be notified of a possible retention no later than January 30. If improvement is not shown by April 30, a conference with the classroom teacher, parents, and principal will be scheduled to discuss the appropriate course of action. A final retention notice will be sent to parents before the end of the school year.

The principal is responsible for the final decision made on retaining a student. Parents have a right to appeal this decision to the Superintendent and the School Board.