Intervention Services/ Child Study Referral

District Core Teams serve students who may be experiencing academic, social, and/or emotional challenges in a variety of ways. A referral to the Core Team begins the intervention process in general education programming. Accepting student referrals from teachers, administrators, and parents, the Core Team gathers student information, reviews previously initiated school-based interventions, provides feedback to the referring individual, and decides on a course of action to assist teachers and parents in developing strategies to maximize the educational opportunities for students. Often, the Core Team refers students to a school-based building level problem-solving team known as the Intervention and Referral Services committee. This committee, along with the referred student’s parents/guardians, meets to develop an intervention plan to address the student’s needs. The intervention plan and student progress is monitored by the I&RS committee. If more significant student needs are identified, a referral to the Child Study Team may be warranted. Most referrals to the Child Study Team come through the Intervention and Referral Services committee. However, when deemed appropriate, direct referral to the Child Study Team can be initiated by instructional and professional school staff, administrators, parent/guardians, and agencies concerned with the welfare of a student. Following a referral to the Child Study Team, the team meets with the parents/guardians and appropriate school personnel to decide what assessments, if any, are needed to determine if a student is eligible for special education and/or related services. Certified specialists on staff who assist in identifying and delivering intervention services to students may include: remedial math and reading instructors, learning consultant, school psychologist, social worker, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, school counselor, substance awareness counselor, and inclusion facilitator.

For additional information on programs and services for students with special needs, please visit the Audubon Child Study Team website.