In the Audubon Elementary Schools, some form of homework assignment is given by the teacher four (4) times per week. The purposes of homework are:

      • to provide essential practice in needed skills
      • to develop good work habits
      • to help children budget time
      • to promote responsibility
      • to promote effective school-home communication

Students will receive homework 4 times per week as follows:

K, 1, 2 a minimum of 20 minutes of homework per night

It should be noted that, because of individual student skill levels and work habits, homework completion time may vary.

Tips on Helping Your Child with Homework

      • Help your child see homework as a valuable activity. Your interest confers some importance to the task, but students should also see homework as something they do for themselves.
      • Set up a well-stocked, comfortable place for your child to work. It should be quiet and private. Provide a good light, a table or desk, adequate supplies and a comfortable chair.
      • Set a regular homework time. Usually late afternoon or early evening is best. This leaves time at the end of the day to relax. However, be flexible enough to make exceptions. Plan for study breaks. The age of the student, most times, will determine how long he/she can concentrate before a rest is needed. Try to eliminate common distractions and/or interruptions.
      • Reinforce the idea that homework is a student's responsibility- but that you're always there to help. You may have to prod your child from time to time to get started, but avoid doing the work for him/her.
      • Think of yourself as a consultant not as a proofreader or editor. Your child needs your support more than pressure to produce perfect papers. Even failure to complete an assignment once in a while is not the end of the world. What's important is that your child has a sense of responsibility about it- and understands that you and the school are supportive.