Field Trips

Students at each elementary grade level will have the opportunity to participate in a minimum of one field trip per school year.

Prior to participating in a field trip, all students must provide the school with a permission slip signed by a parents and a check for the cost of admission. In most cases, parent chaperons will be responsible for the cost of the field trip.

Administration of medication during field trips:

Medications will not be administered on field trips unless the school nurse, a Board approved substitute school nurse, a parent/guardian, or designated family member is present. If a dosage of the prescription medication is to be missed due to a field trip, a physician's note stating that the dose may be missed is required.

It will be expected that all students going on field trips exhibit, without exception, appropriate behavior and follow the rules, procedures, and directions of the teachers and chaperones. The Administration reserves the right to exclude students from field trips who have demonstrated a history of unacceptable behavior and poor self-control. Field trips are a privilege, not a right. Continued misbehavior may result in suspension of this privilege.