Dress Code

Proper dress and attire is an important part of the school program. Students should exert pride in their school and in themselves by coming to school in appropriate clothing. The basis of judgment for acceptability of dress shall be neatness, health, cleanliness, modesty, and good taste. The Elementary School Administration reserves the right to make the final decision of what violates this dress code.

The following are not permitted:

      1. Headwear of any kind, including hats, headbands, bandannas, sunglasses
      2. Undergarments exposed or worn as outside attire
      3. Ripped or torn (intentionally or not) clothing
      4. Chains, including wallet attachments, chokers, or spiked jewelry
      5. Inappropriate length for skirts, dresses or shorts
      6. Any shirt, which exposes any part of the chest, back or stomach, including halter tops and open back shirts. Any garment considered see-through
      7. Jackets, coats or other outer garments worn in the building
      8. Stocking or bare feet and flip-flops are not appropriate. All students must wear shoes, sneakers or some appropriate footwear. Sandals are considered appropriate footwear.
      9. Any clothing, which contains references to alcohol or drugs, sexual connotations, racist or other inflammatory language.

Violations of the dress code will result in the following measures:

First referral -The opportunity to change clothes; warning

Second referral -Detention, change of clothing

Third referral -Saturday detention, change of clothing, parent conference

Subsequent referrals -Administrative prerogative