Attendance and Lateness


Every child between the ages of 6 and 16 is required by state law to be present during the hours when school is in session. Absence is permitted for the following reasons: illness, death in the family, quarantine, approved religious holidays and exceptional reasons that affect the individual child.

Upon returning to school after an absence, the pupil must present a note of explanation signed by the parent or guardian.

An absence note must be submitted even though parents may have called their children out sick.

A note from the doctor is necessary when the pupil has been absent for five days or more and for a communicable disease.

The Administration intends to take whatever measures are necessary against students who arc repeatedly absent from school. Such action shall consist initially of a conference with the student and/or parent. If the situation is not resolved, there will be a required parent conference with the Principal. Continued poor attendance will result in a required parent conference with the Principal and Superintendent, at which time, depending on the circumstances, the Administration will determine what course of action to pursue. Such action may include referral to the Child Study Team, the parent of the student required to appear before the Board of Education, and in certain circumstances a complaint signed against the parents with the police.

Please note that vacations during the school year are considered unexcused absences. In instances where extended vacation situations are unavoidable, students and their parents are responsible for obtaining and completing all make-up work upon return to school. The amount of time considered appropriate to complete all make-up work will be determined by the classroom teacher and building principal.


*Parents MUST accompany students who arrive late to the office with a written explanation from the parent. Disciplinary action may be taken for repeated lateness and/or a written explanation is not provided. Please see disciplinary code for additional information.