Introducing EVA Tools in context

EVA Basic Example: Please watch and try out the interactions

You do not have to complete tasks before moving on and can use Bookmarks, Crossroads or Hotspots to skip ahead or go to a different part of the video.

EVA basic was not designed for interactivity, but by inserting links interactivity can be achieved.

EVA Basic Tools in the context of a video that could be used for PLD

EVA Pro Example - Please watch and try the examples

You can use either bookmarks or Crossroads to jump ahead.

Overview of all tools in EVA with examples of use

Springtime in Vienna

This video does a very short overview of tools. It shows an easy way of "clipping" a video - starting well into the original recording and indicating the end point using a bookmark.

Altaeros Energies

This video shows examples of use. The format is condensed and it may be a good idea to use it to jump to a specific tool you need need an example for. This can be done using Bookmarks

EVA How To's

EVA How To's offer a more detailed demonstration of how to work with each of the tools. This is really useful if you run into trouble.

There is also a detailed text based instruction manual for the use of interactions in EVA. You will find it here

Getting to grips with EVA, using "Minions" clips

If you are doing this as part of a hands-on workshop, Gretchen will assign each clip to a group of 2-3 participants sitting together. It you are working through this workshop on your own, or using the resources to facilitate a session for others, you are welcome to select a clip or clips to work on.

LO's for the hands-on part of the workshop:

  1. Explore the E LINK Library, My Content and Workspaces

  2. Upload to E LINK and link URLs to Workspaces under "Related Media"

  3. Insert a range of EVA Basic interactions into an EVA

  4. Share an EVA with colleagues on E LINK and via email or social media.


  1. Find your clip below, you can view it in situ, but it is rather small.

  2. Open a new tab and log into, unless you are already logged in. Navigate to E Link.

  3. Create a workspace and name it appropriately for the clip you are working on: e.g. Clip 1 - Minions meet T-Rex.

  4. Use "Add media" to add the clip to your workspace from the library in E LINK and open it in EVA from there.

  5. Open your 'Clip page' e.g. "Clip 1 - Minions meet T-Rex" from the link below the clip.

  6. Take note of any downloadable files associated with your Clip. All of these resources are already in your E LINK Library and can be imported to your newly created workspace by using "Add media". You may want to upload an image/ document file to "My Content" and share it with your faculty or department, just to see how it works.

  7. Copy the URLs for hyperlinked online resources (ones you cannot save as a file to your hard-drive), embedded in the 'Clip page' e.g. Google Forms, hyperlinks to videos etc. and add to Related Media on your workspace. This can be done by clicking "Add new Related Media" selecting Link, pasting the URL in (better to highlight http:// and replace with the whole URL to avoid double-ups) and adding a short description to Link desc before saving.

  8. Complete the tasks associated with your clip, using the resources imported to your workspace. For all media and clips that need to be added to your EVA, you can simply "create a view link" (available in the options when you open the resource in the workspace) and insert that link into the EVA at the appropriate point.

  9. Use "share with creators" and embed your completed EVA under related media into the shared "ETV Workshop" workspace.

  10. If you get horribly stuck and confused, just ask Gretchen. If you are trying this after the workshop, email

Please provide feedback and help us to improve the usability of this workshop here.

Minions Clips 1-6

Clip 1 - Minions meet T-Rex

Click the link to go to the Clip 1 - Minions meet T-Rex page.

Clip 2 - Neanderthal to Pyramids

Click the link to go to the Clip 2 - Neanderthal to Pyramids page.

Clip 3 - Nosferatu to Napoleon

Click the link to go to the Clip 3 - Nosferatu to Napoleon page.

Clip 4 - Snow-cave to 1968

Click the link to go to the Clip 4 - Cave to 1968 page.

Clip 5 - Minions occupy Fancy's

Click the link to go to the Clip 5 - Minions occupy Fancy's page.

Clip 6 - Minions watch Villain-Con ad

Click the link to go to the Clip 6 - Minions watch Villain-Con ad page.