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Editorial Policy

Last update June 2021

To maintain a high standard of journalism, the Troy Invoice follows the proceeding editorial policy. All members of Troy InVoice staff have agreed with this policy, and it will remain posted in the newsroom throughout the year.

The Troy InVoice will strive towards excellence in every issue. It will aim to be a vital part of Auburn High School. In order to meet these goals, the Troy InVoice staff intends to:

  1. Report news accurately, objectively, fully, and in depth.

  2. Provide leadership. All editorials will include the name of the author unless they represent the opinion of the entire staff. Letters to the editor must be signed unless the editor agrees that the extreme circumstances warrant withholding names(s).

  3. Meet professional journalism standards and adhere to the NSPA Student Code of Ethics: Be Responsible, Be Fair, Be Honest, Be Accurate, Be Independent, Minimize Harm, and Be Accountable.

  4. Provide an open forum in the school for the free interchange of ideas. Letters to the editor and reader contributions will be accepted as space allows. If several letters are received on a subject, as many representative letters as possible will be printed. In accordance with the school policy for student expression, free speech may not be used to disrupt or interfere with the rights of others. The written views of students must be responsible, in good taste, and must not attack anyone in a personal manner or matter.

  5. Cooperate with staff and the student body in supporting projects and give honest evaluation of such projects.

  6. Give full credit for any material that is not original.

  7. Acknowledge mistakes and frankly correct any major errors which are brought to the attention of the staff.

  8. Use the most effective style of expression. The Associated Press Style Book will be used as a guide.

  9. Endeavor to create a valid expression of the concerns of the student and staff of Auburn Senior High School.

  10. Insure photographic integrity by maintaining the original content of all photos. Enhancements or major alterations using photography software will be noted in the caption.

Further, the Troy InVoice will not endorse political candidates or accept political advertising. The staff reserves the right to refuse any advertising that is illegal or inappropriate for high school students. Paid advertisements that are libelous, inappropriate, or that advocate an activity illegal for students, or are judged to be in poor taste by the editor-in-chief will not be run.

The student Editor-In-Chief shall interpret and enforce the editorial policy. The Editor-In-Chief will filter newspaper coverage and treatment through a screen of community standards prior to the rendering of a news judgment. The Editor-In-Chief will seek advice from the newspaper Adviser, the editors of the Auburn Reporter, The News Tribune, and Seattle Times, and also consult others (such as the Student Press Law Center) as needed in order to make ethical and professional decisions.

10/10 Rule

Starting on Monday, October 11th, the 10/10 rule will take effect. What this means is that for the first 10 minutes after class starts and the last 10 minutes before class ends you can not leave the classroom. This is so that the teacher has the first 10 minutes to explain what you will be doing that day, and the last 10 to wrap up the class. So if you need to go to the bathroom make sure to get it done before the last 10 minutes of class.

Spirit Week

Spirit week for homecoming is next week, the theme this year for Homecoming is The Premiere so each day has a movie to go along with it.

On Monday it's breakfast club so wear your pajamas.

Tuesday is back to the future so dress up in any decade apparel.

Wednesdays it's Mean Girls, so of course we wear pink.

Thursday pick your side for Cowboys and Aliens.

Friday is Friday night lights for the Homecoming game, Freshman wear white, Sophomores wear gold, Juniors wear green, and Seniors get camo!

Girl's Golf

On Tuesday, October 5th, the girl's golf team had a game.

Boy's Tennis

On Friday, October 1st, The Auburn Highschool Boy's Tennis Team played against Federal Way High, and Federal Way won overall.

Senior Conner Sloann stated that "Tennis is super fun and the community and friend you can make are amazing! We may not have the best team but we do have the best time"

Pictured here is Senior Joel Casperson serving into a 6-0 win.

Girl's Swim

On Tuesday, September 28th, Auburn Highschool's Girl's Swim competed against Auburn Riverside's Girls Swim; Riverside won the meet.

Pictured here is Senior Yael Aguayo-Chong swimming in the 400 relay. The race consists of four swimmers swimming a 100 free. Yael was the starter of the race leading her team into second place in the event.

New Athletic Director Named

AHS student part of Peabody Award winning television show

Molly of Denali is an American-Canadian animated television series created and produced by Atomic Cartoons and WGBH Kids for PBS Kids and CBC Television. It premiered on July 15, 2019. The series is the first children's show to feature an Alaska Native as the protagonist. Thirty-eight half-hours have been ordered. Between the two 11-minute story segments, there is a special live-action segment filmed in Alaska. The series won a Peabody Award in the Children's/Youth category in 2020. The prestigious Peabody Award has existed since 1941, and according to the website has existed to "recognize when storytelling is done well; when stories matter." The Peabody Awards "spotlight programs that demonstrate how media can defend the public interest, encourage empathy with others, and teach us to expand our understanding of the world around us." The website goes on to say that the award only recognizes the "best of the best."

Molly Mabray, voiced by Sovereign Bill, who just completed her sophomore year at Auburn High School, "comes from a long line of educators and culture bearers and it shows!," said Princess Daazhraii Johnson, Creative Producer for the show. Johnson added that Sovereign has "worked so hard, has grown with the series, and also brings so much love and intention to bringing Molly to life for Indigenous children everywhere."

Robin Pratt, Tlingit, mother of Sovereign, said that she hopes the show inspires others to "tell their truths and to continue to emulate our strong Native values!"