Fairview Art Studio

What conditions, mindsets, and behaviors support creativity and innovative thinking? What thing prevents or encourages people to take creative risks? How does collaboration help the creative process? (taken from the NCAS)

We have been exploring these questions in the art room. We will hopefully answer these questions with our art show. Our art show is called FAME Night. FAME stands for: Fairview's Art and Music Extravaganza.

Code of Collaboration

"Everyone Working Together"

  • To keep the studio clean
  • To use the tools responsibly
  • To help each other be successful
  • To be safe!
  • Our Code of Collaboration is being reviewed and modified. You should see all the edits! Everyone is participating in helping create a good outline for how our studio should look, feel, and sound.

Studio Vision

The studio FROG is back

Back by popular demand the:



Open to New Ideas and

Goal minded

vision has come back! I wanted to create a new vision that included reflection and growth, but the kids spoke and told me very loudly, "We like the FROG!"

Here is our gallery of images.

Enjoy the art.

I will try to update as often as I can.

Photo Gallery - Fairview Studio