Fairview Art Studio

End of the Year 2016/2017

Thanks to the kids for being so creative. Thanks to the parents that supported our schools and especially my program. Thank you to the teachers for bringing the kids on time and being flexible when I went a little over my allotted time.

For any parent that follows this page, I would like you to give me some feedback. Follow the link below.

Feedback link

Studio Vision

Our studio vision is LEAP FROG

Learn Everyday and Problem-Solve &..........

*Friendly *Respectful *Organized *Goal-Minded

At the end of most classes (K-4,) one student is awarded the "Frog of the Day" award (a sticker.) This award goes to the student that exemplified the characteristics listed above.

Introducing our Code of Collaboration

In the studio we use our COC to:

  • create a sense of community
  • show respect for everyone and everything
  • be productive.

Here is our gallery of images.

Enjoy the art.

I will try to update as often as I can.

Photo Gallery - Fairview Studio