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Let's swim into an awesome year!!!

Mrs. Elvig's email

What to do everyday:

  • Go to SeeSaw to check out daily schedule and assignments

  • Complete assignments

  • Join Google Meets at times posted

  • Go to specialist for that day

  • Mark off checklist as you complete each activity

  • Smile because you are awesome!!! :)

1st Grade Schedule

Please note that the schedules are a little different for each grade.

2nd Grade Schedule

Show and Tell

To help the kids get to know each other we are going to do show and tell. Each student has a day assigned to them where during the morning class meeting, they will get to share.

Students can pick 1 thing to show and tell when it's their turn. If the date your child is assigned doesn't work, please let me know and we will pick a different day for them to share.


Click on link below to take you the the specialist page where you will find all of the google meet links for each specialist.