Lakeland Hills Elementary Library

1020 Evergreen Way SE

Auburn, WA 98092

Library Goals

The library is the heart of the school. Books bring knowledge, relaxation, creativity and fun. It is the goal of the Lakeland Hills Elementary Library to integrate curriculum, resources, creativity and fun into its daily structure and routine.

Objectives of the Library

The Lakeland Hills library will provide the students of our community with books to enhance their learning while at the same time peak their reading enjoyment. The Library will facilitate classrooms to entice all students to learn skills needed to be successful learners.


Book Fair is in the library!!

November 9-16

Everyday before school 8:20-8:35

Tues, Wed., Friday after school until 4:00 (even on early release we are here til 4:00)

Thursday after school until 7:00 PM!!

Come one and all!

visit our scholastic site at:

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