Session 2: Learning & Tech



8:00am Welcome/Introduction to ATLA, Vicki & Cadre Leaders

8:30am Setting the Stage, Jeff Utecht

Intro Video

What has changed in our world?

What do we need to focus on to prepare students for their future not our past?

Understanding the Generation we are teaching today.

9:30am Key Trends, Jeff Utecht

Break into 6 groups. Each group takes a “Key Trend”, researches it, created a PechaKucha about it and presents it to the rest of the class.

New Horizon Report Activity

Advancing Cultures on Innovation (Preso)

Deeper Learning Approaches (Preso)

Growing Focus on Measuring Learning (Preso)

Redesigning Learning Spaces (Preso)

Coding as a Literacy (Preso)

Rise of STEAM Learning (Preso)

  • What is it? (Maybe an example)
  • What is the impact for us as teachers?
  • What is the impact on us as an organization?

11:15 Cadre Leader Reflection

11:30am Lunch

12:30pm Learning Theory, Jeff Utecht

Speaking the same language around Curriculum, Resources, Content and Standards

A New Learning Theory for a new age:

The Connectivism Learning Theory

1:00pm -2:00pm: Application of Learning Theory & Technology Approaches, Jeff Utecht

Reverse Instruction

Game Based Learning


2:00pm Online Educational Resources, Jeff Utecht

What Are OERs? (Video)

Jigsaw Article Read

  1. Free is Good (Edutopia)
  2. Transitioning to Open Educational Resources (Edutopia)
  3. Open Educational Resources Meet Instructional Design (Edutopia)
  4. A Guide to Using OER in the Classroom (
  5. How do you find OER? (learning personalized)

The Year Open Data Went Worldwide (Video)

Here are some good places to start:

3:00pm End

3:00 - 4:00 pm Booster Make-up Session