Auburn School District #408

Inclusive Education

We are better together.

Auburn School District provides a continuum of special education services across the district. These programs are designed to provide students with individualized instruction. We employ highly qualified general and special education teachers who are dedicated to meeting the needs of ALL of our students. So, why "inclusion?"

OSPI's Inclusionary Practices Professional Development Project states: "The body of research consistently supports the positive link between access to core instruction in general education settings and improved outcomes for students with and without disabilities. Inclusion is the belief and practice that all students have the right to meaningfully access academic and social opportunities in general education settings. In Washington State, only 56 percent of students with disabilities are included in general education settings for 80-100 percent of the school day (2019)." In other words, when students are pulled out of their classroom for instruction, they are pulled from their core curriculum, taught by the masters of content: General Education Teachers. Students who receive instruction in the general education setting and are accepted as an equal participant in the classroom make higher academic and social gains than those who receive instruction in pull out services.

Inclusive classrooms are designed to provide students with disabilities access to general education content through multiple strategies including co-teaching, co-planning and through various forms of differentiation and specially designed instruction alongside their general education peers. This site is designed to provide educators with tools that will help them implement and manage their inclusive classrooms.

Inclusive education sounds great, but what does it really mean? Shelley Moore explains how bowling strategies are similar to teaching strategies that meet the needs of all students.

Dr. Julie Causton hosts a podcast discussing the importance, implementation and value of inclusive schooling.

Need support in implementing inclusive practices in your classroom? Click here.