Town of Auburn

Flag Redesign Contest

The Challenge:

  • Create a flag design relevant to the town of Auburn.

  • Include a brief explanation of the symbolism used.

  • Deadline for submission was June 29. The submission window is now closed

  • Multiple Submissions are Encouraged and Accepted.

  • Open to all who are interested.


  • Expect your submission to be posted here along with your explanation. Submissions will be shown anonymously, and taking inspiration from one another is encouraged. Remember, you can submit multiple designs. Let us find the best flag we can.

      • Do not add any copyrighted images to your design. All work must be original.

      • Ownership of all submissions is retained by original creator, except the final selection.

      • Ownership of final selection is transferred to the town of Auburn.

  • Digital submissions must be sent via email to Include your name, contact information, and an explanation of the symbolism used in your design.

  • Physical drawings/artwork can be submitted in person at the Library, Senior Center, or Historical Society.

  • Deadline for submission is June 29.

  • The Flag Design Committee will score each design with a rubric and select the highest-scoring designs as finalists to be displayed at July 4 activities.

  • People will be able to vote their preference in a ranked choice manner.

Design Guidelines:

  • Simple enough that a child could draw it and it would be recognizable.

  • Meaningful symbolism with colors and pattern that compliment the ideas.

  • Few basic colors (2-4).

  • No lettering or seals.

  • Be unique and distinctive.