Mrs. Burke's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Burke's Second Grade Class at Studley Elementary!

Class News:

  • Please return all library books to school. Kids are no longer able to check out new books.
  • Check out Heritage Projects and bean seeds below below!

Check out this week's homework sheet here: Homework Sheet

Red Kidney Bean Mini Greenhouses

Each student 'planted' five red kidney bean seeds in a baggie with a wet paper towel. Look how much they grew in only a week and a half! Students were able to observe the root system that is usually hidden in the soil. We observed the seed popping open, the roots growing down first, then the seedling growing up and out of the bags.

The Heritage Projects came out beautiful! Everyone worked very had and did a great job presenting the projects. Each student also chose a continent to research and create a travel brochure.

Frog Inquiry Projects: Students chose an inquiry question, used chromebooks to research and created a flyer to share the information. Students presented what they learned to the class. Take a look at our presentation!

Mrs. Burkes Frogs

Important Sites:

If missing any passwords, please send an email or a note and I can get them for you.

Practicing fact fluency is extremely important to prepare for third grade. Students are encouraged to use xtramath as a part of their nightly homework. Only takes 5-10 minutes!

Using Connect Ed, students can access math lessons and math games. If your child is missing their Home Link, you can find it on here

We use Google classroom for writing and research activities throughout the year. Students can sign into their account to show you what they've been working on. They are welcome to create new documents from home.

While AR quizzes can't be taken at home, students can use this site to see if the books they are reading match their AR level. If so, they can take an AR quiz on the book at school.