Submit your work

Collecting your work

  1. Log in to Google in with your account.
  2. Click here to make a copy of the template where you will enter your completed work (or a link to your work) for each activity that you choose to complete.
  3. Be sure to read the instructions at the top of the template!

Submitting your work

You will use the form below to submit your work. The form will NOT be visible UNLESS you are logged into Google with your account. The first time you use the form you will be required to enter your name, year of graduation and a link to the document you created in your Google drive when you copied the template above. Once the first section of the form has been completed, you will be able to proceed to check off activities that you complete. You may re-enter the form as many times as you need to by clicking on "edit your response." Don't forget to click "submit" at the end of the form each time you make changes. When you "submit" you will receive an email with a tally of your accumulated points!

This chart will help you to determine how you will be marked on your report card.

Report Card Mark

Exemplary completion of summer reading assignment = 30 or more points

Proficient completion of summer reading assignment = 20-29 points

Needs improvement on summer reading assignment = 10-19 points

Unsatisfactory completion of summer reading assignment = 0-9 points

Your adviser will review your work and determine whether or not to award you the points for each activity that you completed. The more points you receive, the better your report card mark will be and the better your chance will be for a reward at the summer reading reception.