Ms. Lambka

Life Skills

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In this Classroom Students are responsible for...

  • Being On Time.
  • Being Ready to Learn.
  • Completing Assignments.
  • Correcting Assignments.
  • Being Respectful and Following Rules.
  • Getting Permission to Leave their Assigned Seat.
  • Having a Quiet Voice During Class.
  • Not Distracting Their Classmates.
  • Correcting Their Behavior.
  • Cleaning Up After Themselves.

Hands On Community

Volunteering at Paws n Claws

Friendship Day at the Shawnee Center

Volunteering at the Methodist Thrift Store

Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner

Hands On Objective is to Teach...Volunteering in the CommunityFollowing DirectionsReading a MapCompleting a TaskTravel PlansCommutingJob InterviewsFilling out Applications/ Resumescareer developmentMaking AppointmentsRemembering Steps to complete a taskPlan & shop for weekly mealsCooking BasicsReading recipesFood storageKitchen Safetyrestaurant etiquetteClean up/ OrganizationJob ExpectationsPumping GasUsing a LibraryBasic etiquettecommunity signscleaning houserecyclingWhat's an emergency?When to call a Dr.Homemade Remediesetc...

Life Skills Math

Math Objective is to Teach...Modeling the following with sets of objectsAddingSubtractingMultiplyingDividingDemonstrate the meaning of symbols +, -, /, x and =MeasurementsCompare length, weight, temperature and capacityWord ProblemsMoney ComprehensionMaking ChangeReading TemperaturesTelling TimeTaxescreating a budgetwriting a checkbalancing a check bookpersonal financeetc...

Life Skills Vocab and Writing

Writing Objective is to teach...Signatures in CursiveComplete SentencesCorrect PunctuationLegible WritingComplete thoughtsSpellingVocabularyUsing a Dictionary and ThesaurusRelative WritingTaking NotesAddressing envelopesWriting a Personal Letteretc...

Life Skills Reading

Reading Objective is to Teach...ComprehensionDefinitionsSynonymsAntonymsFact/ OpinionSupporting DetailsSummarizingReading Aloudetc...