Youth Workshops

We are very happy to offer two types of workshops during the year for students to learn all about nuclear science and technology. Workshops are aimed at teaching girl scouts, boy scouts, and other students who just want to gain some nuclear knowledge. Our one-day workshops allow young students to learn about nuclear science from UW-Madison nuclear engineering students in a fun hands-on full day workshop. At the end of each one-day workshop, boy scouts and girl scouts will have earned a badge or patch and non-scouts will earn a certificate.

Types of Workshops

We offer two types of workshops for students, each with a slightly different focus: Youth Workshops and Girl Scout Workshops. Both workshops will include tours of the UW Fusion Facilities, hands-on activities with radiation detectors, and informative and fun presentations about nuclear engineering, science, and the industry.

Youth Workshops

The Youth Workshop is for both boy scouts to earn their Nuclear Science Merit Badge and girl scouts to earn their Get to Know Nuclear Patch, as well as other students who want to learn about nuclear science. The content of the Youth Workshop will focus more on the boy scout merit badge requirements, although girl scouts will still be able to meet the requirements of their patch through this workshop. We recommend this workshop for students who are 6th grade or older, although younger students are more than welcome.

Girl Scout Workshops

This workshop is focused on young girls who are interested in learning all things nuclear. In addition to covering the same type of material as the youth workshop, this workshop will focus on Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and highlight the unique history of women in nuclear science. This workshop will focus on the requirements for the girl scout Get to Know Nuclear Patch that was developed by the American Nuclear Society and Girl Scouts of America. The material presented in this workshop will be aimed at a 3rd-7th grade school level, although older girl scouts are still highly encouraged to attend.

NOTE: Boy scouts are allowed to sign up for this workshop, but please note that this workshop does not meet the requirements of the boy scout merit badge due to slight differences in the activities and topics covered.

Spring Workshop Dates

We typically offer 3 Youth Workshops and occasionally 1 Girl Scout Workshop each semester (Fall and Spring). Please register as soon as possible so we can prepare as best as possible. This year will be full of new challenges as we go back to in-person with COVID restrictions, so we will be hosting 1 Youth Workshop with mask and social distancing mandates. The date for the spring semester is April 30th.

Upcoming Workshop Information

For all the information about coming to the workshop, see Details and Important Information [PDF]. Please make checks payable to "UW American Nuclear Society." You can also prepay or pay in person through Venmo @UWANS just make sure to describe your payment with the child you are paying for and what troop you are from. Driving directions can be found here.

Homework Submission

Boy Scouts are required (other youth participants are highly encouraged!) to fill out a homework sheet before attending the workshop. The sheet helps boy scouts fulfill the requirements of the Nuclear Science merit badge. Homework responses can be submitted by filling out this form.

Any further questions can be directed to Zackery Helgert at