High School Scholarship - Due April 13th

What is the University of Wisconsin - Madison Nuclear Science Scholarship?

Since 2002, the University of Wisconsin student section of the American Nuclear Society (UW-ANS) has, through the generous help of various donors, hosted a scholarship outreach program that has brought knowledge about nuclear science to high school classrooms. By networking with committed math and science teachers, our organization helps spread scientific literacy on the issues of nuclear energy and radiation science while offering students a scholarship dedicated to furthering their educational goals.

Entry Requirements:

To participate in the scholarship, you must be a high school senior and submit an essay 3-5 pages (double spaced) excluding cover-page and works cited page to the essay prompt. The essay should be a word document or a PDF. This is an essay competition, there is a first prize of $500 and a second prize of $250 that will be rewarded to you via check. The deadline for this scholarship is April 13th, 2017!


Uranium is a valuable, rare resource. Uranium 235, the isotope of uranium most valuable to nuclear power plants today composes a mere .7% of all naturally occurring uranium. It has been proposed that the element thorium can be substituted as a nuclear fuel in new reactor designs. Compare and contrast the uses of uranium and thorium as nuclear fuel in nuclear power plants.

To submit, please write a short summary and email our Public Information officer with the essay or any questions you may have at pi@atomicbadger.org.

Grading Rubric:

Shown below is the grading rubric that will be used to judge the submissions. Note that ALL submissions must include a cover-page (on a separate sheet of paper) that includes the title, applicants name, a contact email, and date. Also, the applicants name should only appear on the cover-page.

Grading Rubric

For teachers:

If you are a science teacher interested in having our organization give a talk to your classroom, please contact us at pi@atomicbadger.org