Executive Board and Office Hours


Hi, I'm Kendall and I am the President this year. I'm a senior undergrad in Nuclear Engineering- Radiation Sciences, from Northbrook, Illinois, a suburb just north of Chicago. I chose to study Nuclear Engineering because I have always been interested in medical physics, learning more about the radiation sciences, and how nuclear energy can impact people. A hobby of mine is swimming with dolphins (see picture above for proof).

Vice President

Hi, my name is Marissa Brown. I am a senior in Nuclear Engineering at UW-Madison from Beloit, WI. I choose to study nuclear engineering because nuclear energy is the most economical solution to combating climate change. My hobbies include muay thai, playing Rocket League, and hanging out with friends.


Hello, I'm John Masse, a junior undergraduate in Nuclear Engineering from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I have often enjoyed math and physics, so nuclear engineering seemed like an interesting field for me to join. I also think that nuclear energy is going to be a necessary step forward for the world, so I want to help advance the cause. Some of my hobbies include biking and running.

Public Information

Hey! My name is Jeremiah Oldenburg and I am a senior from New Berlin, Wisconsin. I am an undergrad studying nuclear engineering and I choose this field because absolutely love the physics behind a nuclear reactions and nuclear reactors. When I'm not studying, I love to fish, referee soccer across the Midwest, and play the piano.


Hello! My name is Thomas Adams and I am a junior undergraduate in Nuclear Engineering from Eagan, Minnesota. I chose to study nuclear engineering because of the fascinating physics and I believe it is a stepping stone to worldwide clean energy. Some of my hobbies include scuba diving, water skiing, hiking and video games.

Governor A

Hey there! My name's Peter Hotvedt, and I'm a junior on the Radiations Sciences track from Robbinsdale, Minnesota. I've always been interested in nuclear physics and and applications of radiation, and I'm currently doing research on nuclear imaging technologies involving CT technology. When I'm not studying down in "the dungeon", you can find me running, biking, streaming games online, and watching the Minnesota Vikings consistently let me down.

Governor B

Howzit! My name is Chumani Mokoena, and I am a 2nd year Nuclear Engineering student from South Africa. I really enjoy mathematics and nuclear physics which is why I opted to come so far to learn more about it and hopefully some day become an expert in it! When I'm not busy with academics, I love bodybuilding/powerlifting, playing the real football and spending time with family and friends.