Executive Board


Hey there! My name's Peter Hotvedt, and I'm the President of our chapter! I'm a senior on the Radiations Sciences track from Robbinsdale, Minnesota. I've always been interested in nuclear physics and and applications of radiation, and I'm currently doing research on nuclear imaging technologies involving CT technology. When I'm not studying down in "the dungeon", you can find me running, biking, streaming games online, doing voice-over work, and watching the Minnesota Vikings consistently let me down.

Vice President

Hi! My name is Noah Schweitzer and I am a senior undergraduate in Nuclear Engineering- Radiation Sciences from Baltimore, Maryland I have a passion for the application of physics and engineering in medicine. I have done research in radiobiology setting up a platform for microdosimetry simulations, proton therapy in developing the correct treatment plan through CT imaging, and now I am currently working on image verification in thermal ablation. When I'm not doing research or studying, you can catch me watching/playing soccer, hiking, and debating politics.


Hello! My name is Thomas Adams and I am a senior undergraduate in Nuclear Engineering from Eagan, Minnesota. I chose to study nuclear engineering because of the importance of nuclear power to pushing the world towards clean energy, and the amazing physics behind nuclear interactions. Some of my hobbies include scuba diving, water skiing, hiking and video games.

Public Information

Hello! My name is Brad Laufenberg and I am a Junior from Verona, Wisconsin. I am an undergraduate in the Nuclear Engineering program. I entered the field because I believe nuclear solutions will provide immense opportunity in the future to solve some of the world's biggest problems. My goal of being the Public Information officer is to let as many people know of the benefits of nuclear power, and to reassure them that it is safe technology. I am also a part of the research group CNERG (Computational Nuclear Engineering Research Group) here on campus. When I find free time I love to lift weights, play sports, and really do anything active that helps get me in shape!

Youth Workshop Coordinator

Hi, my name is Max Lipkin and I am a junior studying nuclear Engineering from Stamford, CT. I have always dreamed of working in the space industry. That is why I decided to study Nuclear Engineering. Hopefully in the future one of the rockets I work on will go to mars or even better I will be on one of those rockets. My goal as Youth Coordinator is to inspire the new generation of Nuclear Engineers to follow their dreams as I was once inspired to follow mine. I hope to remove the negative stigma around Nuclear power and show the youth how many wonderful things can be accomplished using Nuclear technology. When I used to have free time, BC (before college) I loved mountain biking, snowboarding, fishing and rock-climbing.

Diversity Chair

Hi! My name is Mezna Aljneibi and I’m a senior undergraduate in nuclear engineering - power track. I’m from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and I’ve been enjoying my time in the States for the past 4 years. I’m currently doing research on the development of quantum sensing platforms which can be used in many fields including future nuclear reactors. If I’m not too busy doing school work you’ll find me at the gym weight lifting. I also love traveling (been to 14 countries so far and planning do more) and paragliding!


Hello! My name is Chumani Mokoena and I am a junior studying Nuclear Engineering (NE). The field has a lot of interesting aspects to it that require a comprehensive skill set in maths and physics. I am most optimistic about its applications to nuclear medicine as I believe there is a broader domain of medicine to which nuclear technology may be applied. In addition to NE, I am an aspiring entrepreneur who has an interest in Real Estate and precious metal commodities and so I actively read up on a lot of content related to the aforementioned industries. My favourite sports are soccer and rugby but to keep active I simply go to the gym.

Governor A

Hey! My name is Anthony Boyd and I am a sophomore undergraduate in Nuclear Engineering from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I have always been interested in math, physics, and clean energy, so nuclear engineering seemed like the right field for me to join. I also think that nuclear energy, specifically fusion, is a necessary step forward for the world's clean energy needs. Some of my hobbies include swimming, fishing, hiking, and anything else outdoors, including touching the inside of cow stomachs.

Governor B

Hello hello! My name is Zackery Helgert, and I am a 2nd year Nuclear Engineering student from East Troy, Wisconsin. I am a big fan of math, physics, and the constructive capabilities of nuclear power! Outside of the classroom I enjoy camping, hiking, eating food that is incredibly bad for me (thankfully every meeting has a good helping of that), and just trying to keep up with homework.