Welcome to the ANCS Home/Offsite Wolves Learning Platform (H.O.W.L)!

We hope families will visit this site regularly throughout the school closure for information about schedules, lessons, announcements and other resources related to the closure. Be sure to read the expectations below then click on Elementary or Middle to see more information.


ANCS Home Learning Days

Parent Expectations During Closure

  • Encourage consistent schedules for home learning days (wake-up, bed time, etc..)

  • Make a schedule of simple tasks that a child can complete (read, IXL, Lexia, etc.)

  • Make sure students have “space” for work to be completed.

  • Respect confidentiality and privacy of our community. Do not repost videos or content.

  • Keep school passwords to resources private.

  • Get the username and password for the AtlNCS.org account for your students to check in on their activity.

  • School device should be used for school work only. We prefer that students use their ANCS device for online work. This creates the expectation that it is “school time” when they are on their device and can only access their school account on these devices.

  • If a student is unwell and unable to participate please inform teachers.

  • Make learning schedule as appropriate for your family.

  • Do not post academic or tech questions on social media, go to the source. Ask teachers, media and tech specialists directly.

Student Expectations During Closure

  • Students should understand that Distance Learning is an important part of this year’s school experience.

  • Designate time to complete assigned tasks

  • Make sure Chromebook/Device is charged each day.

  • Daily login/response - Appropriate to grade level.

  • Complete daily assignments, as well as:

    • Read a physical book for a set number of minutes each day.

  • K-2nd - 30 minutes, Broken up between these items: Reading aloud, independent reading, and being read to aloud

  • 3rd-8th - 30 minutes

    • 30 minutes of IXL, Ascend, Lexia (MIddle Campus)

    • Typing Practice (Elementary Campus)

  • 2nd-4th Typing Club

  • 5th Keyboarding without Tears

Chromebook Expectations During Closure

  • Students should have a dedicated workspace to have their computers on a stable surface and not move them around unnecessarily to prevent accidental damage.

  • The student is responsible for the chromebook and charger at all times.

  • Do not eat or drink near your chromebook.

  • Do not mark or deface the chromebook in any way with markers, stickers, or removing inventory and product labels.

  • The chromebook will be returned to ANCS in May before end of grade in a good, working and clean condition with the charger.

  • If you have any problems, check our Tech page and/or reach out to ANCS for support technology@atlncs.org