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About Australian Technology and Innovation College (ATIC)

Australian Technology and Innovation College Pty Ltd (ATIC) is a Registered Training Organisation and meets administrative, delivery, staffing, facility, marketing, financial, quality assurance and assessment standards agreed to by Federal, State and Territory Governments in Australia. The registering authority monitors and subjects us to regular external audit to verify adherence to these standards. It is accredited by ASQA.
A world of opportunities opens when you enrol into an ATIC program where you will be given a real practical experience of the business world before you leave college.
From our beginnings, the mission of ATIC has always been to help nurture and develop the minds of our students to reach their full potential. Potential in which involves use of technology and innovation to tackle the worlds global issues we face today and in the future. To prepare you for not only tomorrow, but for the many years to come.
We want to excite and innovate you through our teachings within our programs, to encourage you to step outside the comfort zone and be as successful as the world’s top entrepreneurs. The start up program has been put in place for this very purpose, the trainers we have with us are here for that very purpose and the 1600 square meter college campus has been designed for that very purpose.
ATIC is always looking to partner with global industry companies in dynamic sectors to expand our outlook on the programs we offer. What this mean for you is that you may be presented with many opportunities to engage, learn and work together with these companies, giving you a leading edge over others as you graduate.
ATIC is and will always be a home for students with distinct minds and perspectives. A training ground for the new generation. As a graduate from ATIC’s business programs, you will be sought after by leading companies and institutions across Australia and the world. Our programsand units have been selected and developed with consultation by industry, relevant and innovative industry leaders. You will also be able to enter many higher education institutions in Australia to further your study in Business.
If you want or have an enquiring mind with the desire to make real and lasting impacts within society, excited by the possibility to grow academically and professionally and ready to become a driving force of innovation within the global business community, then we look very much forward to welcoming you to ATIC!