Mrs. Hartwig's Pre-K Classroom

Classroom Highlights

Elf on the Shelf

Our Elf on the Shelf, Snowflake, came to visit from the North Pole. Santa sent him to help keep an eye on the students in our classroom so Snowflake can report back to Santa each day. Snowflake sent the students on a candy cane hunt! Keep watching the website to see what other fun things Snowflake does!

Chain Link Patterns

The students helped decorate our classroom by making paper chain link patterns.

Skittles Christmas Tree Counting with Mr. Czech

In Math centers the students used strategies (if needed) to identify the number on the Christmas tree and had to count out that many Skittles to decorate that tree. Mr. Czech is a Title One Math Specialist at our school and comes into the classroom to help out in our Math centers.

Morning and Math Center Fun!

Each day we have morning centers the students get to rotate to the four different centers where they make an art project, use their imagination during play, and work on learning activities. On our even rotation days the students have math centers where they get to choose what centers they would like to go to. We focus on many different math concepts such as number identification, number sequencing, one to one correspondence, shapes, colors, patterns, graphing, etc.

Thanksgiving Friendship Feast

The Pre-K through 1st grade classes got together for a friendship feast in the gym before Thankgiving break to celebrate our friendship like the Pilgrims and Native Americans did. We are so thankful for our wonderful students and staff!

How to bake a turkey?

The preschoolers had fun telling us how they would bake a turkey for Thanksgiving. It was fun to hear how hot they would set the temperature, what they would put on their turkey from sprinkles and more sprinkles to A LOT of salt, and how long they would bake their turkey.