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Check out updated pictures from December - January.

Spanish Literacy Lessons

We have two English Learning students in our Pre-K class. To help understand their language and where they come from, Mrs. Hessefort comes in to our classroom once or twice a week to teach us basic Spanish words, songs, and sentences. Below are some of the things we have learned so far. The students love it!

Hello - Hola Goodbye - Adios Friends - Amigos

-Hello Song-

"Hola means Hello-o-o, Hello-o-o

Hola means Hello-o-o, Hello-o-o,

Hola, Amigos. (Our goodbye song is the same, but substitute hello with goodbye)

Using Our Good Manners

Please - por favor Thank you - gracias Your welcome - de nada

How are you? - Como estas Very good - muy bien Okay (so so) - asi asi

Very bad - muy mal

What is your name?

The students have had a lot of practice learning how to say "What is your name?" and answering with "My name is..."

What is your name? - Como te llamo (yah-mo)?

My name is ... - Me llamo (yah-mo) .... (say your name)

Spanish Colors (Colores)

Red - Rojo Green - Verde

Purple - Morado Yellow - Amarillo

Pink - Rosado Blue - Azul

Orange - Anaranjado Brown - Cafe

Black - Negro White - Blanco

Color Song

(Goes to the rhythm of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Red is rojo, green is verde,

purple morado, brown cafe.

Yellow amarillo, blue azul,

pink rosado, orange anaranjado.

White is blanco, black is negro

Colors colores, colors colores.

How to say do you like something?

The students have just started learning how to say do you like a certain color.

Do you like... Te gusta...

Example: Do you like blue? - Te gusta azul?

Answer: Yes, I like blue. - Si, me gusta azul.

No, I don't like blue. - No, no me gusta azul.

How Do Penguins Stay Dry? Experiment

The students learned that penguins have oils on their feathers that repel water to keep them dry.

Poptart Gingerbread Houses

Pay It Forward Project

Mrs. Redmann had the school do a kindness challenge during the month of December to donate to a charity or cause to spread our kindness. Our Pre-K class donated some items to the Taylor County Humane Society. We donated cat food, cat litter, dog treats and cat treats. The Taylor County Humane Society was very thankful!

Our Five Senses with...POPCORN!!

After reading the story "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies", what better treat to have than popcorn! While the popcorn was popping the students used their five senses to describe how the popcorn sounds, looks and smells. Then they got to feel and taste the popcorn. See their Five Senses Popcorn chart below to see how they described the popcorn.

Snowflake Our Scout Elf

Snowflake was our Scout Elf who came to visit during the month of December. Snowflake had an important job to make sure we were making good choices for Santa. Snowflake sent us on an candy cane hunt, watched us from all different places in the room- some of them were pretty silly, and left us elf kisses when we arrived from Christmas break.

We found all of our candy canes!

Pumpkin Carving & Decorating Family Night

Thank you to all of the families who took the time to help your child carve or decorate their pumpkin for our at home family night. A huge thank you to Pumpkin Hollow in Edgar for donating the pumpkins!

Halloween Festivities

Preschool students enjoyed celebrating Halloween by working on counting and number identification skills during Math centers, matching Halloween pictures while playing BINGO, using fine motor skills to make Halloween spiders and bats, and wearing their costumes. Below are some pictures from our festivities.

M/T/W Class

Th/F Class

Graveyard Crunch

We practiced measurement, number identification, and counting skills while making graveyard crunch. I have added the recipe if you would like to make it at home.


Welcome to your child's first year of school! I am excited to teach your child and help them learn and grow academically and socially! I plan many hands on learning activities and projects that go along with our weekly themes. This will be a year like no other, a lot of unknowns, but we will do our best to make it the best year that we can!


We have been learning about apples as one of our fall themes. Our students learned that apples aren't just the color red...who knew they were other colors too- red, yellow and green. Johnny Appleseed Day is Saturday, September 26, 2020 and Johnny Appleseed was famous for planting apple seeds that grew into apple trees. As settlers traveled they built their houses near these apple trees as a food source for making apple pies, jam and butter. Another way we celebrated Johnny Appleseed was by tasting red, yellow and green apples to see which one was our favorite! These are only a few of the apple activities we have done so far.

Apple Tasting-

The students used their sense of taste to describe the apples. See their describing words below:

  • Tasty, juicy, crunchy, yummy, sweet, and sour.

Apple Marble Painting

The students thought it was pretty fun to paint with a marble. They dipped the marble in the color paint of their choice and rolled it around on their apple template. See the cool effect below!

Grandparent's Day Parade

Friday, September 18, 2020

Students in our Thursday/Friday PreK class enjoyed seeing their grandparents drive through our Grandparent's Day parade. It sure look like the grandparents enjoyed decorating their vehicles for the occasion. Even though we couldn't celebrate with our annual Grandparent's Day lunch this year, the parade was just as fun! See if you can spot your grandparent/special guest below!

Recess Fun!

Students enjoy running, playing and climbing at recess! They also enjoy the mask break.

Classroom Activities