Carrisa Plains Elementary

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The Mission of Carrisa Plains Elementary, in partnership with families and community, is to create a learning environment that promotes collaborative and innovative thinking. By supporting students in a socially and emotionally safe atmosphere, we foster academic excellence and support students as they discover their strengths and achieve their maximum potential.

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9640 Carrisa Highway

Santa Margarita, California 93453


kids drawing haunted houses

This haunted house writing activity inspires kids to be creative. Even our most reluctant writers enjoy describing and creating a haunted houses!

Kids drawing haunted houses

Hello Carrisa Families,

Communication, communication, communication!! I am more than thrilled to announce that we are working diligently to ensure that all parents, families, and friends have up-to-date information in the world of Carrisa Elementary School. Using our Aeries Communication System is going great! We are really enjoying being able to send out quick and timely information to our families. What a handy tool to send out reminders and updates. We also have a brand new website! The new site is easy to view from your computer, phone, or tablet. The new web address is:

You can also go to the district website, select the “Schools” tab and choose Carrisa Plains. Please bookmark our website and visit frequently.

Additionally, the district is sending home a weekly email communication to keep all families informed about AUSD news and events. If you have not seen the messages please check your email’s Spam folder and add to your contacts. If you would like to subscribe you may use the link on the district’s website.

As always, feel free to stop by or call with any comments, concerns, or compliments! We love hearing from you!!

Sarah Betz,


Saludos Familias de Carrisa,

Comunicación, comunicación, comunicación!! Estoy mas que entusiasmada de anunciar que estamos trabajando diligentemente para asegurar que todos los padres, familias, y amistades tienen información actualizada en el mundo de Carrisa Elementary School. Usando nuestro sistema de comunicación Aeries será genial! Estamos disfrutando poder mandar información rápidamente a nuestras familias. Que herramienta tan útil para mandar recordatorios y actualizaciones. También tenemos una pagina web nueva! La nueva pagina es fácil de ver desde la computadora, teléfono, o tableta. La nueva pagina web es:

También pueden ir a la pagina web de el distrito escolar, al elegir la pestaña “Schools” y Carrisa. Por favor guarden esta pagina web y visiten frecuentemente.

Adicionalmente, el distrito esta mandando a casa un email semanal para mantener a las familias informadas sobre los eventos y noticias de AUSD. Si no han visto los mensajes por favor revisen el archivo de Spam y agreguen a a sus contactos . Si quieren suscribirse, usen el enlace en la pagina web de el distrito.

Como siempre, son libres de visitar, o llamar con comentarios, preocupaciones o, comentarios! Nos gusta saber de ustedes!!

Sarah Betz,


Thinking Maps in TK-2nd Grades!!

Ever wonder what Early Release Friday and Professional Development Days were for? Well one of the best things about having a student in the Atascadero Unified School District is the level to which they go to ensure ALL of our teachers have access to the best researched based practices possible. Recently, teachers were trained in a process called Thinking Maps. A process that teaches our children how to visually organize their thinking and explain their thinking! WOW!! Gone are the days where one word answers are the norm!!

Students sitting at a table , drawing thinking maps.

Mrs. Maynor's TK- 2nd grade class using Thinking Maps

Retro Bill is a motivational speaker who puts fun into safety, self-esteem, and character counts education! He was able to visit our Polecats on September 27th, what a treat!! He is truly engaging and sends a wonderful message! For more information you can visit his website at:

Retro Bill taking selfie with Carrisa Plains students
Reto Bill holding up large remote control

Stay on a positive respectful channel!

HAPPY FALL- When kids are encouraged to express themselves and take risks in creating art, they develop a sense of innovation that will be important in their adult lives. Our Carrisa Plains Polecats, embrace art to enhance their educational experience. Here we see Mrs.Maynor's and Mrs.Davis's Class are participating collaboratively in Autumn Cubism Art.

kids at table drawing trees
kids at table, drawing trees
kids at table drawing trees
kids at table drawing trees