7th Grade Science


We will begin the New Year with reflection and growth. Students will analyze their performance on the Unit #2 Challenge of Knowledge and INB Turn-in #3, reflecting on areas of improvement over previous work and areas in need of improvement for future work.

We will start a new INB on Frioday 1/12/18. Please bring a new single subject, 70 page, spiral bound notebook by Friday.

Also, each student needs to bring a clear, plastic water bottle with lid, 12-17 fl. oz. by Friday 1/19/18 for an experiment involving the Unit #2 phenomena.

PARENTS: A HUGE thank you for those of you who have so graciously donated items to our classes! Here are a list of the items we would love to have:

    • Rolls of clear tape (Scotch brand preferred, the green box!)
    • Post it notes, 3 x 3"
    • Kleenex or any tissues
    • Snack-sized and sandwich-sized ziptop bags

Mrs. Pruitt and Mrs. Iba