My work in philosophy falls into six general categories.

  1. Emergence. I defend the coherence and plausibility of emergentism as a response to the problem of consciousness.
  2. Vagueness. I defend a novel form of epistemicism, which affirms bivalence but denies sharp borderlines.
  3. Counterfactuals and Norms. I argue that often counterfactuals depend on norms, and norms depend on counterfactuals.
  4. Narrative Possibility. I analyze the notion of fictional "possibility" and use it to diagnose a common mistake in metaphysics.
  5. Representation. I consider the representational content of perception, emotion, music, and implicated speech, and the content of what we know.
  6. Extended Responsibility. I think about moral responsibility for what we say, where we live, the distant past, the distinct future, and what could have been.