Phil. Mind Seminar

The Metaphysics / Philosophy of Mind Seminar is a fourth-year course for undergraduates focused on recent books or journal articles on topics related to the instructor's research within Metaphysics or Philosophy of Mind. When I teach the course, I focus on the problem of consciousness within the Philosophy of Mind as it relates to emergence, physicalism, fundamentality, and grounding. The seminar begins with an intensive, "crash course" in general Philosophy of Mind, which is followed by student presentations and student-lead discussions on recent journal articles on these topics. A final argument paper making use of independent research and putting forward an original argument is required for the course. This course is designed for philosophy majors who are nearing graduation, and students are expected to have had prior experience writing argument papers in philosophy, prior background in logic, and prior familiarity with major ideas in metaphysics/epistemology broadly speaking.


"This class was tremendously rewarding." (Summer 2015 Student)

"Course was difficult but understandable for a difficult subject on a 400 level course: I feel I definitely am leaving with a good solid foundation of the material. We were duly challenged in reading professional philosophy papers, and understood that this was the Professor's challenge for us." (Summer 2015 Student)

"I enjoyed the freedom of reading the articles that interested us most." (Spring 2017 Student)

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