October 25th, 2020

Bioinspired Robotics

IROS 2020

October 25th, 2020

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The Bio-inspired Robotics session will deliver an overview of this rapidly evolving field with an emphasis on recent developments. Its goal is to provide alternative solutions to existing real-world problems by looking at engineering and robotics from the perspective of biology and nature. With a panel of well renowned experts in the field, the session will cultivate points of inspirations and solutions for individuals of different backgrounds and discipline in both science and engineering. Get ready to be inspired, bioinspired!

These people are not observing social distancing, but you should!

The Speakers

Robert J. Full

UC Berkeley
Poly-PEDAL Lab

Ronald S. Fearing

UC Berkeley
Biomimetic Millisystems Lab

Daniel I. Goldman

Georgia Tech

David L. Hu

Georgia Tech
Hu Laboratory for Biolocomotion

Rolf Mueller

Virginia Tech

Michael T. Tolley

UC San Diego

Bioinspired Robotics and Design Lab

Elliot W. Hawkes

UC Santa Barbara

Hawkes Lab

Hamid Marvi



Hosain Bagheri


Session Topic Chair

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Get ready to be inspired, bioinspired!