Accepted Papers

Research Papers

    • Creativity Inside and Outside Programming Learning. Arnon Hershkovitz, Raquel Sitman, Rotem Israel-Fishelson, Andoni Eguiluz, Pablo Garaizar and Mariluz Guenaga - PAPER | SLIDES
    • ProgSnap2: A Flexible Format for Programming Process Data. Thomas Price, David Hovemeyer, Kelly Rivers, Austin Cory Bart, Andrew Petersen, Brett Becker and Jason Lefever - PAPER | SLIDES
    • How does Performance in an Online Primer Predict Achievement in a Future Computer Science Course? Soniya Gadgil, Steven Moore and John Stamper - PAPER | SLIDES
    • Analyzing Score and Time Trails in Data Collected by Tutors. Bishal Regmi and Amruth Kumar - PAPER | SLIDES
    • A Comparison of Two Designs for Automated Programming Hints. Thomas Price, Joseph Jay Williams and Samiha Marwan - PAPER | SLIDES
    • Using Legacy Data to Build Bayesian Knowledge Tracing Model and Evaluate Its Effectiveness. Vanesa Getseva and Amruth Kumar - PAPER | SLIDES

Presentation Abstracts

    • Applying learning analytics on self-assessment generated datasets . Mohammed Alzaid and Sharon Hsiao
    • Modeling Programming Learning Behaviors in Blended Instruction Environments. Yancy Vance Paredes, Mohammed Alzaid and Sharon Hsiao

CSEDM Data Challenge

Data Challenge Slides and Results

    • Deep Knowledge Tracing. Xu Shen & Hu Xiangen. PAPER
    • Data Challenge Entry. Abhinay Natti & Dheeraj Athrey. PAPER | VIDEO
    • Extending IRT with Online Inference and Problem. Mohammad Khajah . PAPER | VIDEO
    • Exploring the Effect of Augmenting Student Modeling with Sequence Mining of Student Behavior. Khushboo Thaker, Jordan Barria-Pineda, and Kamil Akhuseyinoglu. PAPER | SLIDES