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Stranger Things Review

Niko Carauna

It has been about a year since season 1 of the hit Netflix special “Stranger Things” came out, which was an instant hit on Netflix with around 15 million people watching it in the first 35 days. The series is set in the 1980’s and was created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer. The first season of the series, which has returned for a second season this Halloween, follows the disappearance of a young boy and the monstrous chain of events it launches in a small town. The audience can't help but fall in love with the brilliantly chosen young cast of the series, and this is why everyone wants to know how the new season is compared to the wonders of the first.

It’s not often in movies and TV that the sequel is better than the original. “The Godfather II”, “Empire Strikes Back”, “Toy Story 3”, the examples are slim. With “Stranger Things”, the Duffer brothers succeeded in doing just that. This season’s storylines, character development, and scare factor are all superior to the original.

Character development is possibly the greatest improvement in season 2. For example the second season of “Stranger Things” gives us a continued look at the transformation of beloved character Steve Herrington, and his unlikely relationship with a- just as unlikely- character as they both are in need of a friend. Steve has a very important role and development in his character during season two, as does a new character we all seem to love. In season two we meet Bob, played by Sean Astin --who we may remember from “The Goonies”-- who plays the role that was not expected to add so much flavor to the show. Speaking of character development, we are also introduced to Billy and Max, who are dysfunctional siblings. Max is a quiet new girl, where as Billy is seemingly comfortable, and rivaling with Steve. However there is much more than just character development in season two compared to season one.

In season two it is clear to see that the Duffer brothers take the scare factor to the next level, which is accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack that was released on Spottily this month. The scare factor is one upgrade from season one, but the story line in general gives us so much more information as to what exactly the “Upside down” really is, and its connection to Will Byers ,played by Noah Schnapp, that we are teased by in the end of the first season. However the only way for you to truly find out the wonders of season two of our favorite show, composed of nine 40-50 minute episodes, is to watch the second season available on Netflix right now.