Astor Post

After the last bell rang on March 13th, Astoria High School was officially closed.

Students were thrown into a learning format that they were given little time to prepare for. Over the last two months, they have worked diligently to not only maintain positive relationships with their teachers and peers, but have also continued to stay engaged in their studies.

The "AHS PANDEMIC WORKS, 2020" link is a portal to a selection of student work that illustrates the amazing creativity and eloquent thoughts of our students during this unprecedented time.

Well done Astoria Students. May you feel every bit of pride in yourselves that we do.


Homecoming Week 9/31-10/5

Theme Days

Monday: PJ Day

Tuesday: Tik Tok

Wednesday: Tacky Tourist

Thursday: Color Day

Freshman: Pink

Sophomore: Purple

Juniors: Black

Seniors: White (Togas)

Friday: FINATIC DAY! Dress up in purple and gold!!


Monday: Football Game

Tuesday: Volleyball & Meatball

Wednesday: Powder Puff

Thursday: Volleyball Game / Flex-Time Assembly - Homecoming Court Announcements

Friday: Pep Assembly & Football Game

Saturday: Homecoming