Gray School Campus Alternative School

The Gray School Campus (GSC) Alternative Education Program provides a supportive, flexible, and structured educational experience for a diverse group of students. The majority of coursework is offered online with on-site teacher instruction and support. Students work independently and typically complete class work both at GSC and at home. Student progress is closely monitored and goals are set collaboratively with the student, teacher, counselor, and other support people in the student's life. GSC students, though at a separate campus, are members of the Astoria High School student body, work toward Astoria High School graduation requirements, and are encouraged to participate in school events, sports, and activities. For more information about the program and to see if it would be good match for your educational and personal needs, talk with your school counselor or contact:

Alexa Haller, Lead Teacher

Rachel Rollins, GSC School Counselor

Gray School Campus Alternative Education Program

Gray School, 2nd Floor

785 Alameda Ave

Astoria, OR 97103

Tel: 503-325-4197 Fax: 503-325-8992

The Gray School Campus Alternative Education Program has a limited number of spaces which are made available based on the student application, interview, and faculty recommendations.

Applications including an up-to-date unofficial transcript and any other relevant information (i.e. IEP, 504 Plan, other records) can be submitted directly at Gray School or to the AHS Counseling Office. Interviews will be scheduled once a completed application has been submitted. Please talk with your school counselor if you need assistance completing your application, need a copy of your transcript, or have other questions.

Click the link below for the GSC application.

Gray School Application (1).doc