• Off-the-shelf, Custom fit and Custom made supports available
  • Sports and occupational supports and prescribed medical devices
  • Optional assessment, measurement, fitting, dispense and education offered by physiotherapist
  • Variety of high end and economy brands
  • Working with your extended health provider, employer, Lawyer for claim submission reporting and more

Affiliate programs and suppliers:

Ossur Canada: Professional High End Bracing, Prosthetic, OA and Injury solutions (Order to delivery time: 24-48 hours) Some custom made and custom fitted orthotics and braces need additional visits

OrthoActive: Economy Orthotics, Prosthetic and Bracing Solutionsd. (Order to delivery time: 24-48 hours)

The Orthotic Group: A Market leader on Custom foot Orthotics

EC3D Sports: Sports Medicine, Compression Hose, Sport and Occupational Compression Sleeve. (Available Stock and 10 Business days order to delivery time)

Spinal & Back Upper Exterimity Lower Exterimity

Foot & Ankle Retail Custom made/fit Foot Orthotics

Book with one of our practitioners, we can help you find your best solution, order it and help you submit your claim to your provider.