Our Offer

About 'our offer'

We pride ourselves on the range of provision we offer, including our well developed curriculum, therapies and wellbeing support. All of which is broken down into:

  • Universal Provision ... what all pupils receive at The Walnuts School

  • Targeted Provision ... identified interventions for individuals or groups

  • Specialist Provision ... work with a specialist practitioner

Education, Health & Care Plans are key to the personalisation of the education for our young people.

Managing our provision

Provision Meetings are chaired by the Head of School each term. The agenda includes:

  • Current intervention outcomes

  • Pupil Premium

  • Year 7 catch up (Middle only)

  • Improvement Priorities

  • Referrals for additional support interventions and strategies

Information used includes:

  • Needs identified in Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs);

  • Pupil progress provided by Department Leaders;

  • Attendance and Behaviour provided by Head of School;

  • Senior staff with pupil specific information from team meetings and discussions with staff;

  • Therapist, with specifics from the team.

Provision is recorded, monitored and reviewed using 'Provision Tracker'.

Provision is reviewed and analysed at the end of each academic year by the Senior Team and scrutinised by the Governing Body. Information used to triangulate the effectiveness of provision include:

  • Annual outcomes reports including pupil progress and achievement data

  • Annual pastoral report including attendance data

  • Stakeholder Report including pupil, parents and staff surveys

  • Success of interventions in meeting outcomes, from RAG rating on the Provision Map

Year 14 The Bridging Year