Welcome to

3rd Grade!

The three of us are passionate about teaching and learning, and we are so excited to get this crazy school year started!

As a third grade team, our motto is to

  • Build Confidence and Character

  • Act with Courage and Compassion

  • And above all... Be Kind!

Important Updates:

  • We have PE this week!

  • Last day of school: Thursday 5/27 (half-day)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will my child have to wear a face mask at school?

      • The 3rd grade students will only need to wear a mask when entering & exiting the building and when in the hallways and restrooms. Please provide a mask your child is comfortable wearing, labeled with their name. We will have extras at school in case they lose or forget their own!

2. What is my child's daily schedule?

      • Drop-off is between 7:55-8:15; Pick up is between 3:15-3:30.

      • Each third grade class has a slightly different class schedule, please see your teacher's page for details.

3. How will EduKits work this year?

    • If you ordered an EduKit for your child, it's contents will be in their desk. These students will label those items when they get here. Any unnecessary materials will be put in a bag and sent home.

4. What's the plan for yellow folders?

      • The yellow folder must remain in the student's backpack throughout the week.

      • Be sure to empty the yellow folder on Friday afternoons and return it immediately to their backpack.

5. What is the plan for homework in third grade?

      • Weekly homework assignments will be posted online in the Google Classroom.

      • Homework will be posted on Friday afternoons and will be due the following Friday morning.

      • Typically homework will consist of math, spelling and reading practice.

      • Some assignments will be digital (ie. IXL), while others will involve paper/pencil work (ie. spelling).

6.Will school lunch still be an option?

      • Aspen Ridge will be switching from our traditional hot lunches to sack lunches that will be delivered from SVVSD. Students will still need to sign up for a school lunch in the morning and payment can be made through the My School Bucks website.

7. Is Owls Nest available this year?

      • Yes, after school care will be available for a select number of students who reserve a spot. Owls Nest Website (information); Owls Nest Sign Up.

      • Please note AM Owls Nest will not be offered for the time being.

8. Will my child have enrichment classes this year?

      • Absolutely, but it'll look a bit different. We'll have the same enrichment class (Art, Music & PE) for 1 week blocks, and they will be held in our classroom or outside.

9. How can I help my struggling reader?

10. Where can I see my child's grades?

      • View your student's information and grades on Infinite Campus (IC).

      • If you don't know how to login to IC, please contact the front office.

11. How can I be involved in my child's classroom?

      • Aspen Ridge is not allowing parent volunteers for the first quarter. However, please reach out to the classroom teacher to ask how you can help. (ie. helping with wish-list items, take home filing, etc.)

What are we learning in class?

Literacy (Knowledge): Unit 2 - Animal Classification: In this unit students will learn different ways that scientists classify animals using their unique characteristics. The reader and read alouds consist of non-fiction selections about different vertebrate groups. We will also talk about how different text features help our understanding of the text. Students will research and write about the characteristics and classification of one specific vertebrate.

Literacy (Word Work): Students will learn how the spelling and meaning of words change when prefixes and suffixes are added to root words. Students will review nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and be introduced to abstract and concrete nouns. Students will write compound sentences by adding subjects and predicates to simple sentences, and learn how to identify sentence fragments and run-on sentences.

Math: Use Strategies & Properties to Add and Subtract - Students will review how to add and subtract with regrouping, use rounding to estimate sums and differences, learn the Properties of Addition (Commutative (order), Associative (grouping) and Identity (zero)) and how they help us solve addition equations, and use inverse operations to check their work.

Science: Similarities & Differences Between Organisms - We will begin this unit by identifying dominant and recessive traits, learn how our DNA contributes to our traits, and discuss the difference between inherited and acquired traits.

7 Mindsets: Everything is Possible - Please read the Everything is Possible Parent Newsletter for an overview of this first Mindset and how you can apply the ideas at home.

Please see our Year at a Glance for an overview of our curriculum topics.